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We at Intensified Technology believe that a customer’s website should be easily updated by the customer! To that end we develop our sites using CMS (content management solution) software. There are many available and we use the most common 4 platforms WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and Joomla. All of these are free software packages! This means that the clients save a huge sum of cash right off the bat by not being forced to write base code for the site. That portion is already complete in the free CMS software package. Additional benefits include security options and a plethora of plugins that offer additional features and functionality! These CMS packages are written by a team of developers and updated regularly to patch security holes and add functionality!

Some of these packages are easier to use for certain sites but as a general rule we use WordPress most often. Not only for ease of site creation on our end, but for ease of updates by the client, not to mention that WordPress is the most commonly used CMS platform in the business world today. We customize each site to the client’s expectations and to do that we use many plugins for the CMS platforms. Many of these plugins are free as well. On occasion there is a fee for use of said plugins but it is usually not expensive at all! We do create customized plugins but writing the code from scratch can tack on dollars that would be better served elsewhere in the client’s business.

Some website designers use “website builder” tools offered by many hosting service providers. These site building tools are related to the CMS packages but do not offer anywhere near the functionality that most businesses desire. They were created and offered for end users that wish to throw together a basic site and not bring in a website development company. Although they are a good starting point, they do not currently offer the robust options of the major CMS platforms and thus lack the intricate details that make a professionally designed site stand out. We do offer these website builder tools with our hosting packages and encourage our clients to use them should they desire. When looking at the long game, a site that offers those few extra features gives the look of a polished professionally developed site that really builds customer confidence and helps land the sale.

Responsive Web Design

Web Design, eCommerce, User-Friendly Interfaces
The design process starts with a solid strategic foundation. We explore every option in order to ultimately create an intuitive site architecture. We craft a user experience that is efficient and easy to navigate. And we create design concepts that best communicates your brand message, guide users toward specific goals and targeted audiences. A true “responsive” website means that the site is ready for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. These devices have a smaller screen and the sites that we design are created with these features built in. This will make your website look fantastic not only on a desktop or laptop computer, but on mobile devices as well.

Check and see if your site is mobile ready! If it’s not, or if you are unsure how to check, Contact Us and we will ensure that you are on the right path.

eCommerce Business Strategy

Web, Mobile, Social Media
Online shopping has become a major Web trend as it’s very convenient to buy your favorite products without wasting valuable time and efforts on endless searches or trips to the store. That’s why, we’re ready to help you launch your online business and show you how to easily sell your products online! We can handle the setup, launch, and even migrate your existing eCommerce store to a different platform. We can also integrate a new eCommerce platform into your current site.

Now that you have the eCommerce site created, you will need a way to populate your products, the pictures that go with them, the descriptions etc. We offer all the services necessary to keep your stock up to date online! Our favorite method is to provide a solid importing option that will take the massive amount of time and labor to manually update each product into a simple point and click or even an automated process! There are many options available for this process and we will find the right fit for you!

An Intensified Approach

Plan – before we start any design, our team brainstorms, plans and maps out your project to ensure we fully understand what you need and what your customers expect. We want to help you communicate with your target audience and increase your website traffic.

Design – Intensified Technology develops websites that look great, function well and are poised for traffic. During this process, we also work as consultants ~ providing advice, feedback and ideas ~ to help ensure your business ends up with the perfect website.

Promote – Partnering with Intensified Technology enables you to achieve results that are both time-efficient and goal oriented. A key component of our process is the ongoing management of your online campaigns and the measurement of their success.


Unfortunately everything technology related changes quickly and often without notice. We endeavor to stay abreast of these changes by constantly training on the newest and best technology options. Not only in webdesign but in all aspects of technology! Since these changes do happen regularly, a maintenance plan for your website is critical to a continued online presence. Even sites that are completely custom from scratch require maintenance as the code itself changes to accommodate new technology and thwart attempts to deface your site or use it maliciously.

Intensified Technology offers maintenance plans that fit our client’s needs and budget. We will be sure to mention it in our proposal to you and encourage you to work with us to ensure that your website is never compromised! We push this point for the website process because; should your site get “hacked”, you will be subject to other disciplinary measures that may remove your site from major search engines. This will, in effect, sandbox your entire web presence and it is difficult, if not impossible, to reverse this determination once it is executed. It is frustrating that the major search engines act in this way but they do and since they are private companies there is little that can be done about it save making every effort to keep your website up to date and clean of any content that you the client did not specifically authorize.

Intensified Technology designs, develops and optimizes websites. Download and print our Web Design Planning Checklist to help you get started.

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